My name is Peter, and I am the writer of this blog! Nice to meet you! I am a firm believer in living life to the fullest, and enjoying every second. I used to be so scared to do anything risky whatsoever, but I can happily say I’m a regular “adrenaline junkie” now! I absolutely love to skydive, go rock climbing, and ride my bmx bike. I am happily married to my wife, Julia, and we do absolutely everything together. She is my absolute soulmate, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her! We’ve been married for 2 years now, and have been talking about kids now for a while. We just found out we’re having a baby girl, and we couldn’t be more excited!! I can’t wait to raise her just how her mom is! I work as a paralegal at a law firm, but love to write on the side! I’ve always enjoyed writing and putting my thoughts down on paper. I love the idea of blogs now because I used to just keep my writing to myself, but now I have an opportunity to share my work with the world! I hope you enjoy reading my blogs just as much as I love writing them!